Initial Naturopathic Consultation

1 hour – $160


This is a great way to get a full picture understanding of your/your child’s unique strengths and weaknesses and move forward with an individual treatment protocol. Also recommended for more complex clinical disease states and chronic long term health conditions in order to address all aspects of the condition, discuss pathology results or referral testing procedures. If this is your first appointment at Vital Child, this is the service for you.


Standard Naturopathic Consultation

45 mins – $120


An important part of successful naturopathic treatment is the continued involvement in your health. Follow up consultations are where we check on progress, top up or modify herbal and/or nutritional prescriptions, discuss test results and address any emerging health issues. If this is a follow up visit at Vital Child this is the service for you.

Acute Case Naturopathic Consultation

30 mins – $80


Deals with a specific (usually acute) condition, allows time for relevant consultation and individual herbal and/or nutritional prescription. Especially useful for colds, ear infections, sore throats or any other condition that would normally send you to the first aid cabinet.

Mentoring Appointment

30 mins - $100 (+GST)


Are you a qualified health practitioner and would like to further your knowledge in the area of children’s health? Reading and studying information along with staying informed of the latest in paediatric health is important but having access to the wins and the ‘not so successful’ anecdotes from my clinical experience might save you years of trial and error and enhance your clinical outcomes sooner. I’m excited to share my 20 years of naturopathic experience working with families and children with other health practitioners. Let’s collaborate and improve this important area of health care.

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