At Vital Child Naturopathy Clinic our philosophy is this:

Discover the unique needs of the child & you discover the key to their vital health.


Parents & carers are the experts on their children’s health & wellbeing. That’s why at Vital Child you guide your child’s natural health care.


We work collaboratively with you & your child to understand their unique needs. Together we isolate symptoms & investigate to uncover the causes. Then we identify the nutrition & lifestyle changes to help alleviate symptoms & resolve conditions.


We find achievable solutions  that fit into your routine. We understand that most parents simply don’t have the time for complex regimes, so we work with what you can manage now & provide resources to help you along the way.


Perhaps you’ve been given varied, confusing or even conflicting advice on your search to resolve your child’s health challenges. We aim to provide you with clarity including clear explanations & a defined plan of action.


Jayne Larkins – Child Naturopath Specialist


Jayne Larkins has specialised for 14 years in treating children with naturopathy & has practised as a naturopath for over 19 years. A mum of 3 with first-hand experience of children facing health challenges, Jayne understands the frustrations of the search for answers & how tough it can be until you find them.


Finding the right health care solutions can provide life changing results. They can give your child more energy & zest for life, improved physical strength, increased resilience, greater confidence with other children, a stronger immune system & a clearer sense of self.


Jayne is dedicated to sharing her wealth of knowledge to help parents manage their children’s vital health!


More about Naturopathy


Naturopathy can help eliminate, alleviate or manage a wide range of child health concerns including:


  • acne
  • allergies
  • anxiety
  • asthma
  • attention deficit disorder (ADD)
  • autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • colds & flu
  • colic
  • constipation
  • chronic coughs
  • digestive issues
  • eczema
  • fatigue
  • recurrent infections
  • insomnia
  • food intolerances
  • obesity
  • psoriasis
  • sinusitis
  • warts
  • vaccination support

Naturopathy is a natural, 2 stage approach to achieving vital health –


Stage 1 – The right ingredients including nutritious food, clean water, exercise & restful sleep allow the body to return naturally to vital health


Stage 2Remove obstacles such as toxic chemicals, excess stress & inflammatory foods to allow maximum wellbeing to be achieved