Vital Child’s Philosophy

Vital Child believes that if given the best possible environment the body can thrive naturally. At Vital Child we endeavour to remove any obstacles that may be preventing you and your child from experiencing optimal health. We recognise that every individual is different and that there are always exceptions. By identifying unique holistic solutions specifically to suit your concerns and needs, Vital Child can assist you and your child in achieving maximal wellbeing and vitality.


Every child is unique and deserves the best care possible.
At Vital Child we understand that children can provide us with our greatest joy and also our greatest frustrations.
We also consider that:

  • All children are different
  • There will always be an exception to the rule
  • Children are capable of self-awareness in surprising ways
  • When given the right conditions for healing, children can be amazingly resilient
  • It is often more successful to include children in the mission, than to simply dictate the terms
  • Treating your own children is different to treating other people’s children
  • There is always something new to learn about children (and ourselves)
About your Naturopath

Jayne Larkins is a qualified naturopath, having completed an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy in 1998 and a Bachelor of Health Science.

Jayne is a registered full member of NHAA (Naturopath and Herbalists Association Australia, member #154402,  www.nhaa.org.au).
More about Jayne here